Social Media platforms have been so much important for promoting various business firms in this global world. The business or any kind of the economic sector produces products, like clothes, electronic devices, various assets, and even a tourism product and destination. This product needs a market and to be advertised or promoted on social media is the best option for it.

Now coming to social media engagement, there are so many platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. These social media platforms are the most traffic engaging places all over the world. In the context of a digital marketing agency, they must post consistently to grab social media attention.

When you deeply understand social media then you can create the most fascinating things with eye-opening insights. This social media platform will make you do some phenomenal tactics that will help you instantly increase engagement and branding your products beyond the next level.

Now, we are going to construct a framework for boosting or creating a higher increment in social media engagement in seven different ways.

Create creative post / Use Lots of Visuals

When you are going to promote through social media then you must create unique and creative posts. The creative posts always attract the targeted users which will help you to have better engagements.

The posts which are funny, interesting, or odd will be remembered vividly. This is why it is so much important to use lots of visuals for the better engagements of the audience and reactions. Then you can start sending visuals which are off-the-chart, attention-grabbing that really value the audience. If it goes out of the context then it will be in the lists of another spam message which makes space in your follower messages.

The study says that posts that include images produce 650 percent higher levels of engagement than only posts, according to

Post on the Right Platforms

There are so many social platforms where you can share your posts. One thing you must keep in mind, not all social platforms will make a better engagement. You may be wondering what will be the best platforms to share posts actually.

We have mentioned some of the effective and popular social platforms from where you will get full attention. They are mentioned below;


This platform will help you to post longer text-based content which are gifts, video, infographics, and photos.


This platform is a very professional platform. So recommend you to make effective and professional posts here you can make your short post up to 280 characters. You can post gifs, videos, and images including your ideas and styles.


Instagram is a glorious social zone where photos and images are the central things. Here you can share Instagram stories, videos, and photos.


This is a totally photo-based SM network that is also used for research and organizing images. This could be a better place for promoting your brands or any kind of posts in an easy manner.

Use Hashtags to Target Prospects

Hashtags were started from twitter and became more popular but nowadays this has been included on all those reputed social sites. This is because it is the easiest way to take the related content with related issues of interest. Hashtags are usually in the “#” symbol and adding phrases or words.

This will enable a number of audiences or followers to go through the hashtags to search for various things they like. They search the posts that are included in hashtags and interact with such content that has been tagged by someone. This is the main thing why you must use hashtags in your posts for better engagements with your targeted prospects.

Go live

Going live on social media is most important to connect with your loyal followers. This will create a kind of bonding and attachment among your social media followers. This is the right place to promote or sponsor your local event during the time of live so that people interact with each other.

You don’t need to worry about the followers who are out of the local area because if they like such an event they will probably make an arrangement to visit the place. There is another thing you can manage through live if those people cannot attend in person.

This is simply the best way to create an amazing bond within your followers and you. This is the best way because people can easily meet their admirers in person. They are even likely to be the brand followers as well as long term friends.

Don’t Leave Your Audience Hanging

As you have already started your conversation on social media then it will be poor form if you leave your audience hanging. Actually the engagement of the audience represents various things with various types of brands working under the teams to determine guidelines for a proper response to follower comments and questions.

As a trend and their probability of getting a higher level of attention during the evening hours. At the same time, you cannot ignore your followers by assigning your team members to monitor social platforms in the evening hours. There is also another option for posting your team’s standard working hours on various platforms.

Monitor Your Results

The most important thing is to know about the engagements by tracking your social media platforms and monitoring the final results. Some of the primary media like Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc have analytics tools that help to go about the engagements.

This will help you to know about the follower’s comments, shares, and likes and convert them into the assets on most probable working posts. This can be done through the various paid tools if you really want to collect more advanced data and information from the audience.

Facilitate and engage in conversations

You must establish trust, build wonderful relationships, and encourage a social level of interaction with each other. This is because it helps to establish attachment between you and your followers. This will only happen when you go for meaningful engagement and conversations.

Always try to value your followers and answer their queries if possible which helps you to forecast your brand and company with trustworthy people more naturally. Mostly if you have genuine followers then they will interact, give opinions, encourage, and raise questions for you.

For example, when you share a piece of content don’t forget to ask certain questions about the posts, this will help you to increase higher engagements.


As we have already mentioned the seven ways you can increase social media engagement on the above. One thing you must do to create engagement is to give as much attention to your followers. This is what they really want from any admirer.

Always try to be more creative by creating very amazing content that easily gets more attention from the audience.