Increasing your business’ online visibility

The benefits of an internet-savvy approach to marketing your company are enormous. One such benefit is the increased visibility of your business to an online world, which translates into a wide reach of thousands, even millions of your target audience. This brings us to the question – how visible is your business online?

The more online visibility your business can bag, the more your niche market will look towards you for the solutions you provide. But how do you increase your business’ online visibility?

In this article, we would look at some strategies to increase your online business visibility, what online visibility is, and why you need it for your business.

What does Online Visibility mean?

In simple terms, online visibility can be described as the ease with which your customers in your target market can find your business, your product, or service in relevant online locations. For instance, if the service your business provides is a legal service when a customer types in “best legal services” on Google, your company should come up on the first page.

The principle with which internet marketing works is quite simple, it is built on the “school-of-thought” that customers are constantly looking and searching for your business and the service or product you provide, and that search is constantly happening even right now. This means that it is important your business takes advantage of online visibility strategies to bring about brand awareness across all pertinent and applicable online channels.

Gone are the days when purchases are restricted to your city, state, or country. Nowadays, your business can be discovered globally without any boundary restrictions.

Let’s take a closer look at what strategies can help you increase your business online visibility in an ever-growing and competitive economy.

Strategies to increase your business online visibility

There are many strategies and ways to increase your business’ online visibility, but to achieve the best result in terms of online visibility and marketing, it is advisable to combine as many strategies as possible.


SEO is the process of redefining or optimizing a website to help rank higher in search engines and receive more organic visitors without subscribing to a search engine placement service. This remains one of the topmost ways to increase your business visibility, your website, and your website content on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine pages. Once a website is seen higher on search results, there is a high chance of getting visitors to your site. To get this right, you need to consider the following:

  • Keywords
  • The loading speed of your page
  • Link building
  • User-friendliness
  • Mobile-friendliness


Another strategy to consider when increasing your business online visibility is Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). This has been proven to generate the most quantifiable returns when boosting online visibility. The reason for this is that traffic from PPC can be analyzed and tracked using advanced methods. This can help tailor your business in the right market direction using analytics and tracking to know your strength and weakness.

PPC stands as one of the most popular advertising channels employed in recent times because of the ability to drive traceable and targeted content to your business website. When it comes to PPC, you only pay for when your ad is clicked compared to paying an overall flat fee. To run high-quality PPC campaigns, you need to consider the following methods:

  • Texts Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Retargeting

Social Media

With over 80% of Americans having a social media account, it is worthy of note that social media is a major player in increasing your business visibility. Accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter see a lot of users daily. This means there are tons of people to reach out to, which in turn means massive visibility for your business. With this said, social media marketing cannot be undermined when it comes to business visibility and revenue.

To successfully use this strategy, you need to know when to post, what to post, and where to post. To reach a wider range of customers, you should consider posting regularly (for instance, on a daily basis) without bogging your visitors or social media followers. It, therefore, means you need to know when to post as over-posting can cause you more harm than good. Under posting can also be as dangerous as over posting. Posting consistently and daily has been shown to get up to 22% of fans reaching out in a week.

Online PR

Just as the traditional marketing practices of News releases and press releases can effectively increase visibility to your local area, so also is the Online Press Releases (PR). The advantage of online PR over the traditional marketing strategy is that there is a better reach of your message. Thanks to the internet, you can send awareness of your business, products, and services on a global scale compared to traditional media like radio and TV.

Content Marketing

This stands as one of the most effective strategies to drive traffic to your business online. It is the most innovative of all strategies. Simply put, content marketing is the promotion of your business using methods like blogging, white papers, informative videos, etc. This strategy aims to provide useful content for your users or audience while at the same time creating awareness and recognition for your business.

SEO and content marketing work hand-in-hand as the goal of creating such content is to make it rank on search engines. Once your content is ranking high, the next thing to consider in content marketing is if your content is pulling organic traffic from top search engines for relevant Keywords.

Entrusting your business content marketing into the hands of trusted companies like Ads Surplus could mean the stairway to your business visibility.


The fact remains that any investment you make with regards to increasing your business online visibility is an investment in the future growth of your company. From social media to content marketing, there are many ways to increase your company’s online visibility. The crust of your success is determining what strategy to use. This is where Adssurplus comes in. We provide both development services and marketing services for your business, and we ensure your business gains the needed online visibility at an affordable price.