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Achieving Effective Results with Innovative Online Research Services

As a premier data research company, we help you achieve your goals with authentic and valuable research.

Ads Surplus provides the best data Research Services. We believe that useful data is critical to the success of diverse kinds of endeavors. That’s why we empower researchers, consulting agencies, organizations, and businesses with current, relevant, credible, and authentic data. We provide general, educational, technical, and marketing web research services. Our goal is to help your clients meet their goals, with tailored solutions aligned to their unique requirements. Our outstanding service is backed by world-class marketing research data collection and analytics software, and fueled with a passion and dedication to exceed your expectations.

Ads Surplus’s team of data and research experts are highly experienced and ready to go to painstaking lengths to meet your demands. Our approach is simple – we work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure that we understand their purpose. That way, we can brainstorm the methodologies to actualize them. Even so, we go beyond traditional market research to double-check data gathered, so we can eliminate chaos and provide you will accurate and reliable information. In the end, you can enjoy one of the best and affordable web research services that is thoughtful and timely. With Ads Surplus, you can gain critical information and make smarter, faster, and well-informed decisions.

Our Research Services

Company/Business Research

We can help you find the information you need for your business growth, such as market reports, financial/annual reports, environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor research, industrial updates, and lots more. Our expert data experts can help you grow your business with critical data.

Leads Research

Are you looking for the right information to boost your sales and customer base? We can find the correct contact details and professional profiles, including names, addresses, emails, and lots more.

Professional & Document Research

Whether you are an academic professional, we can help you find the data you need. Our services can help you gather all the details you need for your journals, webinars, exhibitions, thesis, news, white papers, conversation analysis, content analysis, and lots more.

Questionnaire design

We can help identify your goals to develop the questionnaire or design the survey you need from scratch. Even with the questions already, our experts can turn those ideas into a ready-to-launch study that aligns with your objectives to maximize response rates and help you achieve better results.

Statistical Analysis

We also provide a myriad of data analysis and statistical support for researchers, financial experts, academicians, and business professionals. Our statistical analysis consulting services can be genuinely tailored to meet your needs. Hence, regardless of the level of complexity and driving need, our team of statisticians can match them with quality work backed by the latest statistical tools (SAS, SPSS etc) in a quick turnaround.

Our statistical analysis offerings include:

• Data Collection & Reporting: We employ descriptive statistics to analyze and display results.

  • Driver analysis (Relative Importance Models; Regression; Correlation; Factor Analysis)
  • Choice modeling (MaxDiff; Conjoint {from charting discrete choice to Menu Based})
  • Segmentation
  • Factor Analysis
  • PowerPoint
  • Data summaries

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